I am beyond excited to announce that “So It Goes” is now released!

I have had the privilege of working on this EP with some of the most talented musicians/people I’ve ever met. I am beyond proud of how the record turned out and I truly hope you enjoy. Check out the video below if you’d like.

THANK YOU mom & dad, Turtle Studios, Jay Levin, Ross Bellenoit, Rob Shaffer, Sean Svadlenak, Jeff Hiatt, Fred Berman, Chico Huff, Jaron Olevsky, Charlie Patierno, Steve Tirpak, Monique Canniere, Andrea Weber, Najwa Perkins, Alessandro Arrigo, and everyone else involved in the production of this EP for making it what it is. This would be nothing without you guys!

The EP will be released for worldwide distribution (ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) on October 1st.

For now, you can stream and purchase the EP below.